Use Of Astro Turf To Add Elegance To Your Garden

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Use Of Astro Turf To Add Elegance To Your Garden

Do you want your garden to harbor fresh looking green grass? Do all your acquaintances have verdant gardens and you envy them? Well time has come to reverse roles and make them envy you. Thinking how? Your answer is by using astro turf. Use astro turf and invite the hues of nature to reside in your garden and make your backyard pleasing to your eyes.

What is astro turf?

Astro turf is artificial grass used in backyards, patios, gardens and sometimes inside houses to impart a green look to the artificial grasssurroundings. It has diverse uses and is a product which is always in demand in the market. Here are some uses of astro turf which will convince you of its usefulness and you will buy it instantly-

  • Putting greens: Astro turf is used in golf course to cut down maintenance cost by planners. It can also be used for private putting greens in office and homes and for making the greenery portion on golf courses. It is the best alternate to real grass which is quite time taking and difficult to grow and once grown, hard to maintain.
  • Residential Landscaping: If you want to have a picaresque garden with the impression of heaven without much ado or hard work on your part, switch to astro turf and see what magic takes your garden under spell. With astro turf you will have a fuss free garden as it does not require mowing or fertilizing and still stays green till the warranty period expires.
  • Sports fields: Maintaining and growing grass on sports field is difficult and it is almost impossible to keep the field prepared for every upcoming event on time using real grass. This makes astro turf of service in sports fields and is used in almost all corners of the world for keeping the fields in action mode. They are used specifically in football and cricket grounds to reduce injuries and minimize the risk of severe damage to the sports accessories. They provide smoother surface in comparison to original grass and is extensively used in school and college fields to provide a safe playing ground to students.
  • Playgrounds: Daycares where toddlers and preschool kids reside, parks which are home to children’s joyous shouts and love nest to couples and pleasure ground to old are also switching to astro turf to ensure amusement without harm.
  • Businesses: If you are a business owner and want to reduce lawn crew costs, go for artificial grass turf and make your office a hub of greenery. Please your clients and hack big deals, all by imparting a green hue to your office surroundings and making your work arena a suitable place where your staff and visitors feel refreshed.
  • Dog Runs: If you have a pet but can’t find proper ground for its training, you don’t need to go out and trouble yourself with looking for a field, plan a training place in your patio and lay it with artificial grass. You will get a perfect training ground in your house and will be able to train your pet under the shade of your house where you and your pet both are comfortable.
  • Balconies: If you live in an apartment and have no garden but desire one heartily, you can get the feel of a green and fresh garden in your balcony. Install astro turf and settle the beauty of nature in your house. This will fulfill your desire, making your home more habitable for you without adding the labor of maintaining a garden in your daily routine.
  • Gyms: Artificial grass has quality padding which makes it useful for gyms also and it is common now to find astro turf installed in gyms for imparting a motivating look to the exercise ground.
  • Interior decoration: A woman is appreciated fir her housekeeping and you can prove yourself innovative and expert in this field by using astro turf as a decorative material. Yes, you can use astro turf to cover furniture and make it spongier and fluffy. Astro turf can also be used to cover walls and make your room a green room.

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